CTP Team Launched Frame of Mind Coaching website!

Today CTP team launched new and improved website for Frame of Mind Coaches!
Modern and exquisite adaptive design. Fully responsive experience in all latest browsers and mobile devices.

Enjoy great products with CTP! Make a move to bigger and happier audience.

Frame of Mind Coaching will transform your thinking and lead you to extraordinary results. Frame of Mind Coaches specialize in coaching highly driven, achievement oriented individuals who are committed to living outstanding lives.The foundation of FOM Coaching is that a person’s thinking has a greater impact on their outcomes than any other contributing factor. As such, FOM Coaches focus on the study and examination of thoughts, beliefs, past experiences, and perspectives in order to make sense of the results that clients generate in their lives. Due to the impact of the coaches, the coaching process, the platform and the focus, clients consistently experience exceptional personal transformation and professional growth.

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